One more week!

I’m so excited that we’ve got just over one more week to Jubilesque!

The performers have been in touch about their performances and they’re all amazing.  I almost wish I wasn’t organising these events so that I could be surprised when they perform.  But even though I know what’s coming they always have me captivated and in awe.

I watched all the Jubilee celebrations over the weekend and felt quite emotional and patriotic throughout the whole thing and then even watched the re-runs – feeling even more emotional.  I was mostly choked when Prince Charles called the Queen Mummy and expressed his concerns about his father.  I sincerely hope he is making a speedy and complete recovery.

A couple of weeks ago somebody posted that my Jubilesque event was wrong and called me an insensitive *£%&.  Charming!  I was quite upset about the comment and published it to the page with a response asking why he thought this.  I’m proud to be British and proud to be holding this outstanding event.  I hold my head high *puffs chest and looks proud*!

So back to the beautiful ladies we’ve got lined up for you next Thursday! The evening is going to be a real treat from start to finish.  Our fantastic menu is devised by Head Chef Rob Curtis and as all Byzantium fayre it will be heavenly.  A feast for the senses to be sure! Gorgeous food, gorgeous burlesque performers and me – what more could you want?!

There are tickets still available and can be found at the Bristol Ticket Shop, Byzantium, Pins N Needles Tattoo shop on Lawrence Hill and on line on the Rio Wild website.  Only £30 for a cracking dinner and show and an incredible £10 for the best show we’ve done yet!

Re-reading what I’ve just written has highlighted my excitement totally – there’s just about an exclamation mark on every sentence! (Couldn’t resist).

So come on down, eat, drink, sing along to the National Anthem and be very very merry.

If you need help remembering the anthem – click here!

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