Tonight at Byzantium

I’m really looking forward to tonight!

I’ve checked in with DJ Ghosty, the performers, the Bristol Ticket ShopByzantium office, chef and PR and even some of our guests!

Alana Ashley, make-up artist, will be joining us tonight to provide make-up masks and I’m rather excited to have my face painted for the first time in my life.  I hope that the awesome photographer that it Claire Murphy of WinterFace Photography gets lots of shots of my looking amazing. 

Darren Campbell is one of my huge magic crushes, his up-close style is just really incredible and he’s such a pleasure to watch, a real showman and such a good looking chap too. LOL!

The wonderful Lou Leigh Blue just text me to ask if she could bring down some of her amazing hand-made burlesque headwear to sell, and I text back HELL YEAH!  Who wouldn’t want a black sequined fascinator with matching feathers and jewels?

Penny Bizarre will be the amazing face on the doors this evening – yay!  Corrrr, almost wish I was a customer, I wonder if I can sneak out the fire exit and gaze at her adoringly from the doorway?  Thanks Penny!

The wonderful Elizabeth Venn, Pink Kitten pole student, will be helping out with all her good grace and beautiful smile!  Thanks Elizabeth!

So, I’m off now to finish making my outfit, nothing like leaving a good idea to the last minute to test the nerves and brain cells.

Just waiting till I get my lips around the Bacardi Oakheart cocktails I’ve been dreaming of.

Tonight, I shall be mostly in heaven and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all my wondeful performers, friends, guests and Byzantium staff.

See you later!


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