Burlesque at Byzantium – May Masked Ball

Thank you for making Burlesque at ByzantiumMay Masked Ball amazing!!

Last night was amazing!  We had a great night from start to finish.

Amazing Alana Ashley very kindly took a few minutes out at the start of the evening to transform my face into the most incredible red and black mask, amazing, so amazing I slept in it and woke up this morning with it still perfect.  I was super tired when I got last night and fell asleep cuddling the dog before I actually made it under the covers. LOL!

We started the evening with some scrumptious Bacardi Oakheart welcome cocktails, made by the lovely James and were wowed by some amazing magic by the incredible Darren Campbell – my official magic crush of the year!

I was lucky enough to be able to sit down and eat this time.  OMG!  I was in heaven from the start.  Head Chef at Byzantium is Rob Curtis, he is simply phenomenal.  I simply let him know what the theme is and the immediate response out of his mouth is something that leaves me drooling and wondering if I made enough money I could afford him as my personal Chef!  I won’t be telling that to the own of Byzantium!!

The menu last night started with the a tasty smoked garlic consomme with vegetables and gnocchi.  I could have licked the bowl clean and in fact wanted second  helpings.  Main course was a confit duck leg which melted in my mouth complemented perfectly with asian slaw, satay jus and lemongrass dumpling!  Typing this now, I wish I could do it all over again……………

Hold the phone!  We’ve got passionfruit filled marshmallow for dessert.  My two friends Kate and Helen are not to keen on marshmallow.  All the more for me I thought!  It’s like a little taste of exotic heaven that left me wanting more and thanks to Kate and Helen, I had more.

And on with the shows!  Pearl Boheme opened the bill with her incredible and mesmerising Death Messenger.  This act is truly the most amazing belly dancing performance I have ever seen.  Captivating, haunting and super sexy.  I can’t wait for her to perform at the Arabian Nights fundraiser event at the Old Stillage on 14th July – what delights will she be wowing us with next?!

Headline act and polished professional Kitty Ribbons had us all eating out of her palms with her Eastern Promise, there was not one eye in the room that wasn’t trained on her every move and her beautiful curves.  I heart Kitty Ribbons.

Our luscious Lily Belle proved that ‘anybody can be a performer, but not everybody should!’ with her ‘Unfortunate Showgirl’ routine, whilst simultaneously proving that she really is one of Bristol‘s most adorable show girls.

‘My’ Lou Leigh Blue (David Walliams what have you done to us!).  Oh my Lou Leigh Blue, how I love you!  Dystopia is one of Miss Blue’s newest shows and a truly classy act showcasing that this Bristol gem is fully of many talents and capabilities.  More please!

Kitty Ribbons came back to treat us with those pocket rocket curves once again with an incredible theatrical performance that would be most welcome and adored at any high class Masked Ball.  Kitty’s Masquerade Fan Dance was a complete transformation from her Eastern Promise show earlier in the evening and her seamless performance and dramatic build up closed the evening with beauty and true splendour.

Thank you to all my wonderful performers!

Also, special thanks to Penny Bizarre -the beautiful face and assets on the door ;-), Elizabeth Venn – the stunning time keeper and calming influence, DJ Ghosty – he’s the bestest DJ ever, Alana Ashley – super make-up artist and eye candy.

Huge thanks to all the guests who came, were entertained and shared in the love – I can’t wait to see you at Jubilesque in June, tickets go on sale next week at the Bristol Ticket Shop.

The team at Byzantium, Rob Curtis – you are a legend, Nadja – you deserve a medal, James – without you we’d all be sober.

All of this photographed by Claire Murhpy of WinterFace Photography – can’t wait to see the shots!

Rio xxx


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