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West Coast 81 Burlesque Fundraiser

We had an awesome night on Saturday at the 81 Fundraiser!

When the posters first went up I had 100 tickets sold because we’ve not done a burlesque show at Area 81 before and we were not sure how many tickets we would sell.  All but 5 of them had sold out prior to the event and the rest plus another 100 came through the door on the night.

I was absolutely gobsmacked when I walked on to the stage to introduce our gorgeous performers!!  Admittedly I have never seen that many people in the club before.  It would be great to get that sort of turn out in future, if I can bring myself to do it again.  Some burlesque shows are like having babies, at the time you say ‘I’m never doing this again’, then when the night happens and it’s AWESOME, you recover and two days later want to do it all over again.

Rio Wild Presents will of course be bringing you fabulous burlesque events in and around Bristol, if we do another one at Area 81 you’ll be the first to know!!  If you sign up to our mailing list, you’ll get updates and upcoming events straight to your in box.

A hugely humungous thank you to everybody that came and supported the cause and a monster big thank you to all our amazing performers!!

The final line-up was:

Red Hot Frilly Kickers
Kitty Ribbons – Cherries on a Cloud
Penny Bizarre
Betty BangBang
Belle Eve – Someone Call Me a Cabaret
Robyn Rooke – 360 Pole Dancing
Tailor Me Tight
Rowena Rabbit – Also of the Red Hot Frilly Kickers
Poppy Raine
Lady Lolly Rouge

Specially wonderful thanks also go to:

DJ Ghosty for providing the ear candy and unswaying support
Layla for dressing and transforming the venue
John & Nemaya from Arbor Ales for providing the Conquered barrel
Bee & Keevor from the White Swan in Trowbridge for providing the barrel of cider
Tom & the Barton Hill Amateur Boxing Club
Lizzie and Amy for kicking ass on the raffle
Kelly & Beccie for being awesome stage kittens
Screaming Keating for being fabulous and organised
Bert Vessier for photographing the event
Steve my gorgeous hairdresser
81 Support Crew
West Coast Hells Angels and all the other Hells Angels who travelled from around the country to join us!

I look forward to seeing you soon,


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