Past Event – Dance of the Dead Burlesque at The Duke of York

What are these irresistible creatures that have an insatiable taste for the dead?

A bloodthirsty night of Halloween celebration and Burlesque.

Ms Rio Wild, Her Ladyship of the Manor, is hosting an evening for your pleasure and entertainment.

You are welcome, and expected, to join her for an after dinner aperitif at the public house, The Duke of York.

You will be provided with entertainment of Burlesque dancing and Disk Jockey musical distraction.

We ask that you do not speak to these ‘performers‘, your enquiries will not be met well.  If they speak to you, it is in your best interests to listen and oblige, we also ask that you do not question their motives, we have learned over time, it is better not to question.  Our stable boy chose one night to question, we found him listed, eventually, in the obituary section of the local paper, the cause of his death was never confirmed.  Poor little Johnny, if you listen carefully whilst you use the flushing waste facility, you can hear the sound of his boots across the cobbles while he runs to meet the Master and his horse at the gate.

Your performers are known to us as:
Tabitha Tease
Bambi Beretta
Lady Lolly Rouge
Machete Rose
Effy Xcite
Poppy Raine

Your musical distraction comes from:
DJ Ghosty

Please note that there is a dress code, the Lady has advised that her butler may not let you in if  you do not adhere to her request on this matter. We have been warned he can smell a person ‘not of the night’ from quite some distance.  It would be a shame to disturb his sleep, he has been comfortable in there for quite some time, in fact, it has been so long we cannot remember, some time before Vanilla Ice we believe.

For your co-operation in this matter, the Lady has offered a reward to the Best Dressed Dead.

Your presence has been requested, will you attend?

There is darkness in every corner, trust no-one.

Performances from 9 until 10.30 and DJs until 2am!

A minimum of £2 donation for entertainment has been requested.

It’s not just a burlesque show, it’s not just Halloween, it’s not just the Duke of York………………

(Get your blood pumping and your scream exercised!)

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