Past Event – Gangsters & Molls at the Duke of York

Whose Side Are You On?

There’s been a series of serious robberies!

Have you seen anything?

There’s a lot of crime going down in the two major Gangster districts of Duke of Yorktown.  A lot of people don’t like it.  In particular, TWO people don’t like it most of all.

For the first time in recorded history the two big bosses have been meeting up, they have been pooling their resources to find out who is responsible for this brazen spell of pure-deathwish-crime-splurge.

We have heard whisperings about insiders in the two speakeasy clubs.  Maybe they are not so ‘easy’ anymore.  Could it be that sultry songstress from the East side?  Could it be the tap dancing duet from the West side?  With so many performers and so little time, your help is needed.

If you go out at night, watch your back, keep your eyes peeled and if you witness a robbery, we suggest you report it straight away to one of the Big Bosses.  We can’t print their names, but you know who they are.

Stay safe out there people, things are changing in Duke of Yorktown.

Rio Wild Duke of York Gangster Burlesque 15 Feb 13