Miss Pinup UK A to Z

Everything you ever wanted to know about being in Miss Pinup UK and other helpful information!

An A to Z guide to refer to when you’ve got a burning question or you just want to be well read to make sure you know what you’re getting in to!

This guide goes alongside the FAQs on the PinupUK.com website, to view them – click here.  The FAQs will hold real time information on dates and venues etc.



Ask – If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the FAQs, Terms & Conditions or in this AtoZ guide, then please ask your Mentor or send an e-mail to info@pinupuk.com.  We recommend that you read the information sent to you first.  We know how excited you get to be entering! We’re like that ALL year round!


Be Yourself – Always Be Yourself! You’re unique, fabulous and awesome all rolled into one. If you find yourself getting caught up with comparing yourself to others in any way, take a step back and spend time doing what YOU love. Get back in touch with your awesomeness and then come back to the party. Your journey is different to everybody else’s journey. It your awesomeness that we want to see out there. Here’s what Sabina Kelley says about it – click here.


First Impressions – We know you’re fabulous!
Entering Miss Pinup UK or any similar competition is daunting, we all know that! Getting up on stage and meeting the judges and your fellow contestants can be stressful for some. We want to help you make your first impression fabulous, just like you. Click here to read this fab article from the awesome green website Care2.com.