Future Events!

I’m so excited about future events!

The Jubilesque – Burlesque at Byzantium performance list has nearly doubled in size.  Oooer!  We’ve got an extra surprise on the list!  Miss Cherrybomb Derriere (the rising star that came out of our ABC Burlesque fundraiser for the Barton Hill Amateur Boxing Club event at the Barton Hill Settlement!) will be performing as a lovely little super-sexy surprise.  The one in a million, incredible, breathtaking Penny Bizarre will not be performing once, she’ll be performing TWICE.

Our Bristol Burlesque gem Lou Leigh Blue, who never ceases to amaze or astound will be performing a whole new exciting show with a great new prop, and it’s all just going to be unveiled just for us.  Oh, the thought of it puts me into something close to heaven…..

I just feel super excited and very happy that these beautiful ladies are celebrating this fantastic Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Burlesque event with us.  The luscious Lilly Laudanum is going to start our eveing with something rather spectacular, and that’s all a little bit of a secret *wink*.  We will then be carried through our Jubilesque evening  by a whole lot of fantastical theatrical burlesque and loveliness including two incredible shows by our headline act, the one and only pocket rocket of the South-West, Ms Kitty Ribbons.  If you caught Kitty at our last event, the May Masked Ball, then you know you’re in for a treat.

Ticket are available here – click here to order yours now.

Following our amazing Jubilesque event we then have our Midsummer Nights Dream fantastical evening at Byzantium with incredible polesque performances and ethereal enchantment followed by our out of this world Arabian Nights Fundraiser at the Old Stillage.  For further events on both of these Rio Wild events click here. 

If you’d like to get direct information on Rio Wild Presents events, don’t forget to fill in our form on this page.

See you there!

Rio x

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