Diamond Jubilee

I’m really excited about the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

This year I’m feeling particularly patriotic and rather proud of the UK.  I had a really great time last Tuesday when the Olympic Torch came through Lawrence HillPins N Needles hosted a little party with bubbles and nibbles and I was actually able to get my picture taken with the next runner holding the torch. I immediately put the picture on Facebook!

The Urban Dog Show is till in planning stages and I’m yet to submit my licence application to Bristol Council.  When Rebecca from the Barton Hill Settlement and I had the initial conversation it was a great and exciting idea, now it’s taken on a life of it’s own and I think we may have created a monster!  But I won’t be beaten and fingers crossed my generic event management skills can produce an Urban Dog Show to proud of.  Watch this space – we’re looking at Saturday 11th August.

Jubilesque is less than two weeks away and I’m super excited about slipping into my royal blue strapless gown.  This amazing dress was my bridesmaids dress for my gorgeous cousin Sammi Kidd who married the force of nature that is Eddie Kidd.  They really do make a gorgeous couple!  Totally made for each other. *swoon!*

I’ve totally changed the format for this Burlesque at Byzantium event.  The seating will no longer be banquet style seating – although I love how everybody gets together and chats before the show – it doesn’t give the diners the opportunity to feel they’ve been properly spoiled before enjoying the show.

The show times have also changed and we’ve got added extras!  Ooer!  Firstly the luscious curvaceousness of Cherrybomb Derriere has been added to the line-up.  Cherrybomb is one of the Barton Hill Amateur Boxing Club ladies who put herself up for being trained to perform Burlesque for the ABC Burlesque event on Saturday 20th April.  Her gorgeous curves were photographed and presented in a full page along with Kandi Krystal in the Evening Post the week before the show.  Awesome!

Secondly, the one and only northern spectacle that is Penny Bizarre has put together another act to add to the line-up!  I do love secrets and surprises.  I’m so excited, really I am, I’m like a kid the night before Christmas.

A non-stop whirlwind of Jubilee BurlesqueKitty Ribbons performing two breathtaking acts, Lou Leigh Blue unveiling a surprise new very secret hush hush act and Lilly Laudanum sharing Victoria’s secrets.  Get your drink, get comfy, whoop, holla cheer and applaud – ladies and gents this night is for you!  (and a little bit for me *wink*)

The shows will start with a little bit of audience participation, followed by a whole lotta Burlesque gorgeousness with a little breather break, followed by further Burlesque loveliness and finishing off with a toast to Her Majesty the Queen by the stunning line-up of beauties performing on the evening.  Phew!!!

And of all of this captured forever by the Rio Wild photographic genius and owner of WinterFace Photography, Claire Murphy.  We heart Claire!

The fantastic ear candy specialist that is DJ Ghosty is not joining us at Jubilesque, so we’re being entertained by the gorgeous DJ Joe Risk.  We ladies love to wach Burlesque, but it always helps when there’s gorgeous men around.  I say men, because those of you who have been to Byzantium before will know all about Bar Manager James.  Some nights he has a hard job fighting the ladies off!

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