Bristol Burlesque

I love the Burlesque scene in Bristol!  Not only am I totally hopping with excitement about Jubilesque next week, I’m then going to start looking forward to my next to events in July – A Midsummer Nights Dream and Arabian Nights Fundraiser.

Last night was the Beastie Boys Burlesque at The Croft which was totally awesome!  They raised £300 for Macmillan Cancer Support!!  Too Many T’s performed – look out for them playing in July.  The Burlesque performances were great too, with performers from London and Yeovil all kept in control by the fabulously potty-mouthed Ally KatteClick here for full details of what you missed.

Burlesque for Charity is a sure fire way to make money for any well-deserving cause.  Beautiful ladies (and sometimes men!) shaking their booty, removing their clothes and taking you along for the ride.  Um, could there be a problem with that? NO!

All hail Bristol (and the World) Burlesque!


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