Amazing Bristol Nightlife

There’s so much nightlife in Bristol!  Mainly great Burlesque (of course!).

Whilst on my journey to inform as many people as possible about my great burlesque events I always search through the listings to see what’s going on.

Bristol really is such a diverse and amazing place to live and there is always something happening!  Beastie Boys Burlesque fundraiser at the Croft, Burlesque at Byzantium monthly events and Killa Disco starting tomorrow (Wednesday 13th June) at Syndicate on Nelson Street to name a very very small few.

The listings sites are just as diverse as the events, you can always find a free publication listing just about anything, anywhere for anybody.  Amazing Bristol!

So, back to my listings journey, I’ve come across on Twitter a fantastic update on what’s happening where that’s anything to do with food and drink – including jobs!  This fantastic find is called Bristol Bites and I instantly joined up to follow them to find out what’s going on and where.  Keep I in the know I said! Follow them on @BristolBites.  They also let me know about Food Couriers – the hint is in the name.  They’re currently looking for suggestions to which restaurant you want them to deliver to your door. Check them out at @foodcouriers.

I sent a Tweet to Bristol Bites about my Jubilesque event they asked me to send them details, which I did and they very kindly gave us a great mention in their on line guide!  Check it out here!

For tickets to my Burlesque events, click here.

For information on my upcoming shows, click here.

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